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Clearance Rack – 70% OFF MSRP

You read correctly! We have a lot of old but BRAND NEW products on our shelves that we want to get rid of. So we’re putting them on this rack in our showroom! Most of these items are rare and discontinued, while some just never sold from our location. In short, this is your chance to come by and get some awesome JDM parts for practically nothing!

This rack will be constantly changing as parts sell and we add back to it. So please come in and see what we have. We have parts for Jettas, Tiburons, Accords, Civics, Subarus, VW, Mitsubishi’s, and so much more. Here is a photo of the rack below! You will see that some items are marked as incomplete and missing parts, but this does not make them useless. 



In addition to our 70% OFF clearance rack, we have a garage sale table. We have prices and fitments for almost every product on there. Some items are even FREE. It’ll be changing often as well, so please stop in and see what we have to offer. Oh, and don’t forget to message your friends! Maybe they need something on the cheap. Here is a photo of our garage sale table (section)! As you can see, it’s overflowing.

Our address is: 13339 NE Airport Way Suite #500. Portland, OR 97230. We are open Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM.

Please do not email or PM us about products that may be on the rack or table. Come in and see for yourself.

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Subaru Fall Maintenance Packages – Save 10-15% OFF!


Fall is among us, and we’re offering you, the Subaru community, an opportunity to get a head start on winter preparation and other maintenance duties post track season! We’re offering FIXED PRICES as well as 10%-15% OFF completed service jobs and parts below. Schedule before the end of October 31st to secure your discount and appointment!

Installed Services

  • Timing Belt Service – Racing Belt and pump kit, thermostat, and coolant.
    • $730 ($816.09) – 2006-2007 WRX / 2004-2018 STI
    • $750 ($840.95) – 2008-2014 WRX / Forester XT 2008-13
  • Clutch Jobs – Clutch, flywheel surface/new, trans fluid, and brake fluid.
    • 10% OFF**
  • Fluid Service*  Full drivetrain fluids change with Red Line Oil products.
    • $280 ($315.22)
  • Coolant Flush – Includes new OEM thermostat.
    • $195 (214.67)
  • Spark Plugs – NGK Iridium plugs used.
    • $180 (207.36)
  • 30k/60k Service – Air filter, cabin filter, brake fluid, oil change, differential, transmission, tire rotate, fuel filter, and spark plugs.
    • 10% OFF**
  • Brake Parts & Service Brake pads, rotors, and lines, with flush.
    • 10% OFF**
  • Fall package – Wipers, mud flaps, tires or rotate, fluids (oil, gear) and coolant,
    • 10% OFF**

Parts Discounts (Service Labor 10% OFF)

  • Short Shifters & Bushings  – Short shifter, bushings, and knobs.
    • 10% OFF** carried brands
    • 15% OFF** RalliTEK bushings
  • Shocks and Springs – Choice of shocks and springs.
    • 10% OFF** carried brands
    • $187 ($220.00) RalliTEK spring pairs.
  • RalliTEK Skid Plates (includes hardware)
    • $225 ($265) for all skid plates
      • $190 ($225) for GC8s/GF8s (exception)
  • Tires – Snow and all seasons.
    • 10% OFF**

*Up to 5 quarts of engine oil and 4 quarts of transmission fluid.

** Call for exact vehicle/parts quote.

Applies to Subaru vehicles only.

(503) 619-0055 for additional info.