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Specializing in forced induction systems, it's our goal to provide extreme performance at a reasonable price. Not just a drop-shipping online store, PREracing features a service shop, showroom, AWD dyno with full tuning capabilities and a warehouse packed with inventory. We have a showroom packed full of turbochargers, exhausts, intakes, suspension parts, and other performance parts all of which can be installed in-house.

In addition to bolt on parts, we feature full custom fabrication capability for roll cages, engine swaps, turbo systems, and other custom tailored performance systems. To round things out, we also provide vehicle alignments, and wheel & tire services.

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Hey guys! We apologize as we are experiencing some phone issues today. If you receive a recording saying we are closed today, I assure you we are here and ready to help.

Some people are getting through, but if you have persistant problems please message us your contact information and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for the patience!
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We had to get some pictures even in the poor lighting this morning of Stanley's Alfa Romeo 4c. He has brought the car to us for many upgrades of the last year including Bilstein Double adjustable coilovers, and performance alignment.

He recently brought the car to us to mount up his new custom HRE wheels and Bridgestone RE-71R tires. We took extreme care to make sure they were mounted with no problems.

Thanks for coming in Stanley, your car looks awesome!
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Vidal's STI is finally ready to roll out. After a rough spell of engine related issues he pulled the trigger on our Pro-Drag Sleeved short block. This should take anything his Precision 62mm can throw at it for a long while.

We also installed ABW fender flares, Work Wheels, and some sticky 315 width R888s this year to help this thing lay it down.

Thanks for being a loyal customer Vidal, you got an awesome ride!
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Good morning FB followers. Prompted by phone calls and emails, here is some tech information and knowledge about why PREracing will never promote the use of pump gas on your high HP Subaru build.....

1. It's unstable. The fuel quality from tank to tank, water content and other factors lead to its inability to make power safely.

2. Pump gas varies depending on the area, so a pump gas car in Oregon will be faster than one in California simply because of the fuel difference. Because of the wider range of tuneability e85 yields more consistent results. There are actually race quality pump gasses out there for this reason, at big road races everyone is usually required to run some like the Sunoco super 250. Which is basically just race-grade quality assured 93 octane fuel. The makes sure that all the spec classes run close, no matter where in the country they may have came from.

3. The tuning window for timing on pump gas vs. ethanol is very small. When you couple this with the instabilities it just simply isn't smart to push hard on this fuel.

We could keep going on the reasons why you should'nt do it. In the end it really all just adds up the fact that we will never push a customer vehicle past the 450ft-lb and 500whp area on pump gas. At this point we will always be suggesting a change to either a race fuel or a ethanol based fuel. Which has many benefits including a higher octane.

MANY shops have similar policies, and have learned the hard way that pump gas and even pump gas with methanol injection are far inferior to a proper fuel.

In this video you will see how much more timing it takes to produce notable knock on a Forced induction car using pump gas vs. E85. This is the best visual demonstration I could find to why there is so much more safety margin for the customer.

We believe in educating our customers to build more reliable cars, and in the Subaru world that can be a hard thing to do!

#knowledgeispower #fasterisbeter #preracing

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Sorry about the poor cell video, the car is performing as expected. We gained spool with our Extreme Turbo Systems T4 open scroll kit over our t3 vband, this is common when the housing size is just too dang small. We always have trouble hooking this car up, but it is making the same power as the record Coalinga run at 41psi and no nitrous. It should be a monster at the airstrip! ... See MoreSee Less

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