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Specializing in forced induction systems, it's our goal to provide extreme performance at a reasonable price. Not just a drop-shipping online store, PREracing features a service shop, showroom, AWD dyno with full tuning capabilities and a warehouse packed with inventory. We have a showroom packed full of turbochargers, exhausts, intakes, suspension parts, and other performance parts all of which can be installed in-house.

In addition to bolt on parts, we feature full custom fabrication capability for roll cages, engine swaps, turbo systems, and other custom tailored performance systems. To round things out, we also provide vehicle alignments, and wheel & tire services.

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1 week ago


Race it, break it, wash it, repeat.

The #Blackwidow is not only the fastest 1/2 Mile Subaru around, it is also a test bed for our Pro-drag engine lineup.

Like most good engine programs it develops through motorsport. We go out and break this thing so we can learn how to better build one for your car.

When people ask what block company we use, we are proud to respond with "ours!".

Extreme Turbo Systems
L.A. Sleeve
Manley Performance Products, Inc.

#preracing #teampre
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2 weeks ago


Radsun updates! We got the tilt column installed.

The oval exhaust is almost comeplete, and the intercooler is in. The radiator is almost done as well.

Packaging is tough on this little bugger!
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We got to chat with HP Academy at the Pikes Peaks airstrip attack this year. Here some insight on how we utilize the COBB Tuning Accessport on the #blackwidow wrx!

We are buttoning it up now for our next crack at 200mph in California next month!

High Performance Academy
1000HP+ 53PSI COBB Tuned Subaru WRX | Airstrip Attack [TECH TALK]

1000hp and 53psi of boost from a 2.5L 2005 Subaru WRX using a factory ECU and COBB Tuning isn’t something most people would imagine possible, but Erich Uhlman from PREracing explains how it is and what some of the pros and cons of the setup are.

Known as 'The Black Widow' this Thunderbolt Racing Fuels 98% ethanol-fed EJ257 runs Precision Turbo & Engine 7675 Gen II turbo, BC Brian Crower Stage 3 cams, Manley Performance Products, Inc. internals, a PRE Racing pro drag block and a KAPS Transmissions 6 Speed Sequential gearbox to put the power to the ground with a past speed of 197 mph.

Starting with a more humble build the decision was made to use COBB software and hardware, but as the car has the developed so too has the software via continuous updates and support. This enables Eric and the team to live tune about 95% of the required tables and settings on the dyno and also via some data logging features at events like the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack.

Want to learn more about EFI tuning? Start with some free lessons instantly: bit.ly/freetuning

Want to learn how to choose the best reflash tuning software for your application? Check out this lesson here: bit.ly/ReflashChoices

#highperformanceacademy #cobbtuning #preracing #learntotune #subaru #wrx Radium Engineering Extreme Turbo Systems
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3 weeks ago


We are headed to the SCCA Solo National Championships next week. Zack and Josh will be competing in the highly contested F-Prepared category. The #EvolutionofFP has a long journey and a hard fight coming!

#teampre #preracing
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1 month ago


Ron came in from BC on vacation, says he is looking to purchase some parts.

He asked "I am looking at an Invidia Q300, I want a quiet exhaust"

Our reply: "we have 4 in stock, do you want TI or plain stainless tips?"

Ron: "how about a cobb intake and airbox"

Us: "what color post maf pipe? We have both in stock"

Ron: "black, and i have been thinking about a front lip, do you guys have those?"

Us: yup

Ron: " I would like to purchase these things but I am a little concerned about customs etc. Getting back into Canada"

Us: "how about we install all these items right now and verify your Accesport tune before you leave?"

Ron: "that would be fantastic!"

We have more inventory than anyone around for a reason, if you are looking to purchase over the counter or are looking for installs we can cut wait time.

Give us a call before ordering online and waiting 5 days, we can pricematch on almost all major brands and its IN STOCK!

Thanks for coming in Ron, you have a sweet little street machine!
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