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PREracing Customer Tools featuring My Shop Assist

Performance Race Engineering (PREracing) is pleased to announce that we have partnered with My Shop Assist (MSA) to improve our customer service capabilities. Starting in 2015, customers will be able to log into an MSA account that allows them access to information and pictures of the work being performed on their cars. This tool also allows us to receive remote authorizations for additional work and better communicate the details of each project. We are excited about this partnership and know that our customers will be pleased with the updates this new service will provide for them.


Go to and click Customer Login or follow this direct QR link. Once on the customer log in page you have the option to log in normally or create a new account by clicking “First Time User” and following the on screen instructions. Once your account is created our service writers will activate the account which adds any current or previous jobs to the list. Once activated you may browse at your leisure, check tech notes, approve additional work, view images of work in progress and more.

My Shop Assist Log-In
My Shop Assist log in screen. From this screen you may log into your account, create a new account, or use password recovery tools.
My Shop Assist Jobs Page
My Shop Assist Jobs Page. From this page you can see any active or completed jobs related to your account. Other options like reset password and logout are also available from this screen.
My Shop Assist Job Detail Screen
My Shop Assist Job Detail Screen. From this screen you can view the details of your job including vehicle information, job/task completion status, the assigned technician, detailed parts break-down, tech notes, job pictures, and authorizations for additional work.

We hope to see all our customers use this new exciting tool! If you have any questions or comments please contact our customer service staff at 503-619-0055. Thank you

2015 Subaru WRX, Turbosmart blow off valve and other goodies

2015 Subaru WRX 2015 Subaru WRX at PREracing

2015 Subaru WRX Turbo – 2.0L DIT

Today we will be:

  • Fitting Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port blow off valve
  • Fitting LED low beam conversion
  • Fitting Nameless rear muffler delete pipes

First impression:

We haven’t seen a whole lot of these cars through the shop to this point but expect to see many in the months to come. That being said it was a great opportunity to see what fits and get ideas for future product development through our partner company RalliTEK.

Fitting the Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port blow off (bypass) valve

The installation of this valve is pretty straight forward. The factory bypass connects the hotside (pre-intercooler) charge pipe to the intake before the turbo in order to relieve excess boost pressure when you let off the throttle. The valve in the factory diverter is about the width of a pencil and frankly won’t do much but relive a small amount of pressure leaving a considerable amount inside the pipe to potentially shorten the life of the turbocharger and intercooler end tanks. Replacing this diverter with an upgraded valve from a reputable company like Turbosmart seems like a really good idea to us.

There are basically three different types of diverter valves to choose from:

  1. Full recirculation release – All the boost pressure is relieved back into the intake
  2. Full atmospheric release – All the boost pressure is relieved into the atmosphere
  3. Hybrid release – Part of the boost pressure is relieved back into the intake system and the remainder pressure is relieved into the atmosphere

For our demonstration today we chose the Hybrid release valve specifically the Turbosmart Kompact dual port valve.

Now on the 2015 WRX we have two different hose sizes connecting the diverter valve to the vehicles charge pipe and intake. The charge pipe size is 34mm while the intake connection is a much smaller 25mm. Previously this would have required an entire redesign of a valve to accommodate the two sizes or some kind of coupler to step one of the ports to the proper size. Fortunately the fine folks over at Turbosmart engineered their Kompact valves to accept a variety of hose connections allowing us to use a 34mm for the boost side and 25mm for the relief side. This is not a standard configuration and will require you to purchase the 34mm valve then buy the 25mm port separately, at least until Turbosmart reads this and packages them together.

The only other part we needed to complete this installation was a short length of high quality silicon vacuum line as the stock line was about a half inch too short for the new valve. After cutting the new line to length we were ready to install.

2015 WRX BOV Vac Line Turbosmart Dual Port Kompact Blow Off Valve

2015 WRX Stock Diverter ValveThe installation was pretty straight forward and starts with removing the factory plastic under tray from the vehicle. This is easy to accomplish with a 12mm ratchet and a pair of nice body clip pliers. Note we did not need to remove the secondary metal tray from the vehicle. Once the tray was removed we removed the softer plastic intake pipe that connects the intake system to the turbocharger. We then removed the two 10mm bolts that connect the turbo inlet from the turbocharger. This piece features a rubber ‘O’ ring seal so there is no need to replace any gaskets after re-installation. We removed the spring clamp that connects the inlet to the valve as well as the connector for the wastegate control solenoid and two other breather hoses from the inlet and removed it from the car. The next step was to remove the worm clamp and vacuum line from the factory bypass valve and remove it from the car. The bottom hose connection is a very snug fit so some wiggling was required to get the valve out.

Once out we confirmed the port sizes with our Turbosmart valve and everything looked good. Again, the boost port connection was a very tight fit, even more so on the Turbosmart valve due to the nice rib they machine into the port to keep it from slipping off under boost. A little silicon spray and some elbow grease and the valve was installed into the boost pipe. Now we replaced the factory vacuum line with our longer silicon line and began re-assembly in reverse order. All-in-all a very straight forward install that took about 30 min on a lift but would probably take a little longer in your driveway.

Stock 2015 WRX BOV vs Turbosmart Kompact 2015 WRX Turbosmart BOV Install 2015 WRX Turbosmart BOV Install 2015 WRX Turbosmart BOV Install 2015 WRX Turbosmart BOV Install

Fitting LED conversion headlamp

LED conversion headlamps are a fairly new addition to the automotive marketplace. The customer supplied this conversion kit and unfortunately we did not catch the brand but these were the type that feature a driver box as well as a cooling fan. The issue with LED headlamps is the heat they produce in order to illuminate to the required brightness of automotive headlamps generates a very large amount of heat. LED’s being a diode are fairly heat sensitive so elaborate heat management solutions were required to make them work long term. Some kits we’ve seen (demonstrated at the 2014 SEMA show) had large heat syncs while others had a fan setup like these. The ones with the fan usually featured a driver box which likely just separates the current to power both the LED and the fan properly.

For probably the first time ever Subaru gave us room to work around the headlights. Go Subaru! This made the installation of these lights a breeze. For sake of ease we loosened the bolts around the intake air box and the batter tie down which gave even more access to the backs of the low beam projectors. After that these lights were as easy to install as any other bulb, just remove, replace, plug in and go. The driver box we mounted to the back of the headlight housing using some 3m adhesive tape and alcohol wipes to prep the surface.

As you can see light output is significantly more in the white spectrum. Passenger side is LED, driver is factory halogen.

2015 WRX LED Headlamp Installation 2015 WRX LED Headlamp Comparison

Fitting Nameless rear muffler delete pipes
As always, Nameless Performance has brought to the market a set of very nice muffler delete pipes. Installation was extremely straight forward, just unbolt the old mufflers, remove from hangers, and install new pipes with supplied gaskets. Done!

2015 WRX Nameless Muffler Deletes

Final Thoughts

What we have is minor improvements to an already great platform. Better vision with LED lightning, better sound with muffler deletes, and a diverter valve that actually diverts! Can’t wait to hopefully get this customer in for some custom dyno tuning in the future.

PREracing GT3076R 350whp and 500whp turbo kits

Garrett GT3076R Turbocharger
Custom PREracing fabricated turbo manifold with polished 4-1 v-band collector
Turbo uppipe designed for maximum wastegate flow to support both high and low boost levels without boost creep or boost spike
3in downpipe/overpipe combo. Designed to v-band to 3inch catback (may require custom fabrication during installation)
Custom PREracing fabricated 3in (up to 400whp) or 3.5in (up to 500whp) Intake MAF tube
All Intercooler piping
All water and oil fittings and hoses for installation
High quality K&N air filter located under bumper
Tomioka Racing Stainless V-Band Turbine Housing
Turbosmart Hypergate45mm Wastegate with either 10psi or 14psi spring.
Turbosmart Supersonic or Raceport blow off valve
Garrett intercooler choice (350whp core or 500whp core)
Ceramic coating and heat shielding available
AEM Water Methanol injection available
Fuel system upgrades available
Recommended full 3in exhaust
Custom tune required, available in house from PREracing or from any qualified tuning facility.

Typical Horsepower:
300-350whp 92 oct pump gas
350-500whp on e85, meth injected, or race fuel

This kit has been tested not to boost creep down to as low as 4psi and will easily make 30+ psi if pushed!

Our shop car with 92 octane pump gas and a 550cc 100% meth nozzle made over 400whp on STOCK fuel system at 12psi!

Component kits are in stock with final touches made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion and shipping.

Call 503-619-0055 for more details!

PREracing Turbo Kit for BRZ/FRS
PREracing Turbo Kit for BRZ/FRS